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Ok, so besides the fact that I’m still trying to figure out this website, I’m also trying to figure out exactly what I want to put on (in? which word is correct in this instance?) my blog. I’m intending it to reflect life as an “Air Force Groupie” but also just the normal (for me) bits of chatter that go through my head that got me the nickname “Twitter” at my current job.

I’m about 35 or 36 days away from moving to Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve lived in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio my entire 31.75 years.  I’m moving to the ever-so-glamorous state of Alabama to live with my boyfriend, whom I love dearly, and who is stationed there.  The past 8 months have been tough, having a long-distance relationship, and I’m looking forward to finally being with him for longer than 4 days at most.

I’ve got a lot of people asking me if this is the best thing to do as we’re not engaged and I’m pretty much leaving my whole life behind with no guarantee that this is going to work. I’ve thought long and hard about this for months, and yes, I had second thoughts. Really, there are no guarantees in life. You can eat the healthiest foods and work out everyday, but if you get hit by a bus, organic food isn’t going to make much difference.  So, I’m listening to my heart and going to be with the man I love.  It’s the first time I’m really making a decision to live my life for me, and it’s frightening and exciting and overwhelming all at once. Well, I think that’s a pretty good first entry. Off to bed, more packing tomorrow!


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  1. This is going to be an exciting journey for you! I am looking forward to reading about it 🙂

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