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my first fashion post

Wednesday was my day off- not that I was able to enjoy much of it. I did get treated to a pedicure by my mom. That was the most relaxing part of my day. The rest of the day was spent getting my car title put in my name, getting new license plates, having the oil changed and trying to find shorts. Why is it so hard to find normal length shorts anymore? They’re either hoochie-mama (1 or 2 inch inseam) or they’re bermuda length, which hey I may as well just wear my capris. And why is it that the people who need to wear the bermudas are wearing the hoochie mama shorts? The girls and women with the big thighs or droopy asses? I purposely do not wear shorts shorter than a 5 inch inseam because things just aren’t as high and firm as they were when I was 23. However, moving to Alabama (106 with the heat index) requires me to have shorts in my wardrobe and I got rid of almost all of them. I went to 3 different stores and couldn’t find anything beyond hoochie mama’s, bermudas or excessively heavy fleece workout capris.  I want to look nice, I’ll be near the base my boyfriend is stationed, I don’t want people he knows/works with saying I’m a pasty large-thighed woman, or that I have some sort of sweat disorder. And I actually do put a lot of thought into my outfits 6 out of 7 days a week. I have a feeling I will be a sore thumb in Alabama, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong.  I was getting aggravated by the time I got to Kohl’s, so I did what any aspiring fashionista with a gift card does: buys skirts marked down to $5.  Skirts and dresses have become my friends these last few years and I’m impressed by their versatility. They also help eliminate that terrible problem of the legs of the shorts “cutting” into your thighs and did I mention no cameltoe or ninja foot? So, I guess that’s my fashion tip: switch to skirts, but please wear the correct size/ length. Ok, I really need to go to bed.


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