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keeping up appearances

For anyone who’s never been in a long-distance relationship, let me just tell you: it can be very, very difficult. Factor into that one partner being in the military and it just adds another level of stress. Mark told me not too long ago that he feels I am a strong,  smart beautiful and humorous woman.  How can you let him down once he says that? How can you tell him that sometimes you’re so scared you want to cry and there’s no real reason why?  That you want to cry when you hear about soldiers being killed in Afghanistan despite his having come home safely? That I’m avoiding packing because it’s just so overwhelming? So you just keep going, let him think you’re capable and not ready to burst. Sigh.


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  1. The worry will never end. Now you are terrified of what could happen if/when you take that next step. Once you do, it will be a different kind of worry. If you don’t, you will only wonder about the “what if’s”. Take the leap and trust your love for each other. It will more than make up for the scarey, uncertain times.

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