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I tend to believe I’m a thoughtful person. I try not to hurt people’s feelings, even if it’s someone I don’t particularly care for. What’s been bothering me is when people don’t listen to me or pay attention. This in no way refers to Mark, that man has the patience of a saint and deserves a medal. I’m talking about the many many people who I know I’ve talked to and who know I’m leaving, who know when I’m leaving and are still like “oh, when are you leaving?”. It’s not just one person either. It’s really annoying because I’ve gone out of my way on many separate occasions for these people. And they can’t even remember something I’ve told them and posted on my Facebook? It makes you wonder why you consider them friends.  I am one of those people that give and give and give and end up getting disappointed more often than not. I had been feeling sad about not seeing some people any more but the past 72 hours have been changing that feeling to one of “well, that’s done”. Damn, I sound like a little emo teenager, but this blog is to vent.


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