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head’s in a whirl

So I found out some moderately upsetting news about my health via an insurance denial letter on Monday. I’m not sure who I’m more irritated with: the insurance company, my doctor or the specialist I saw, as no one mentioned anything to me.  I feel pretty good for the most part every day, just tired when I do anything overly physical. Can’t run/jog or work out for too long or I get exhausted quickly. Well, I found out this is why. I currently have no insurance and have no way of going to another specialist to get a 2nd opinion and finding out what to do. Up until this point, I just dealt with it, taking care to avoid overheating, not getting too tired, etc. But I’m now just so upset and I mean, I work in the healthcare field and I feel like I have no faith in it anymore.  I really can’t stand insurance companies or doctors right now.


Rainy Sunday

It’s finally raining here in Alabama, which it hasn’t done for some time. At least not since I moved here nearly a month ago. Makes for a very lazy feel in the house. Mark’s taking a nap (we had even more medical drama this weekend with him) and I’m out in the living room completely vegging out, which is no good. I at least could be reading. And there is laundry that I need to put in the washer. C’est la vie. Went out with Mark’s friends for dinner last night, it was nice- friendly people make for good company and I could certainly use the help in figuring out the whole “military wife thing”.  Other than that, not much to report. We’ll be looking at housing in Montana soon, so our next obstacle is what to do with the pets while we’re gone, as my cat is high-maintenance. Good times.

Give and take

So according to several friends, it will take some time for Mark and I to adjust to living together, more time than I really had expected. Lately I feel like I’ve been doing everything wrong and driving him insane. But when 2 people have been on their own for some time it does take some getting used to. I love him, and certainly looking forward to Montana.

kind of down today

I’m  feeling blue today. Woke up feeling blah, and got news that a dear friend has to have surgery and that kids may no longer be an option for her. Anyone who knows me knows that I adamantly do not want kids. This point of view, in light of what my friend is going through, is making me feel like a very selfish person. However, we all make the decisions that are best for our lives, and no kids is what’s best for mine.  Still, I can’t help but feel bad for being down when I know that what my friend is going through is about 900 times worse than listening to Mark whine about his hand, and the heat here in AL, and still having all these boxes to deal with. My friend knows I’m there to support her- I made sure she’s aware of this- but that nagging feeling of being a brat remains.

proving my worth

Yesterday we had some excitement… so to speak. Mark had a bit of a mishap with the circular saw. I wound up driving about 55 mph through a city I don’t know with him bleeding in the passenger seat. He’s ok, had to get some stitches and antibiotic shot from a doctor who looked like a deflated Hulk Hogan with a full head of hair. The weird thing is I was so calm. I just wrapped his hand and we left.  I watched them put the stitches in and everything. The doctors and nurses were teasing that I was braver than he was. So, showing that I clearly can be counted on in an emergency. I told him he’s not allowed to do that again.

together yet alone

Mark was supposed to be in TX for a training thing but thanks to the magic of the airlines, his flight was cancelled. So I’m here in AL, he’s in Atlanta, and everyone else I know is in Ohio. Fun times. Even more fun, I’ve had a persistent headache for the last 3 days. Oh well, I did know that this sort of thing would happen. It would just be far less annoying if he actually would’ve made it to TX. C’est la vie. I’ve got some things here around the house to do (and a whole hamper full of uniforms to wash-thanks Mark!) and a couple things to sort out before MT, so trying to keep my spirits up.

Settling into domesticity

I’ve been in Alabama for 5 days now. Mark and I have been working on projects since then. Reorganizing the kitchen, trying to integrate my items into his house, driving me around so I get familiar with the area as well as just getting used to living with each other. So far I think we’re doing pretty well. We’re both very good with asking each other if something is ok before the other one does something. Granted, we’re only 5 days into this whole thing, but hey it’s good we’re starting off on the right foot. He’s always been very considerate and thoughtful and he’s continuing to be. I’m trying to make sure he knows I appreciate it and that he doesn’t feel like I’m trying to take over the house. Though lord knows it desperately needed a woman’s touch. We had an exciting Sunday morning of grocery shopping and now he’s fixing my car as I do laundry and blog. Tomorrow maybe we’ll finally be lazy but with the 900 boxes staring at us, I doubt that will happen. Overall, I’m so happy to be with him.