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Settling into domesticity

I’ve been in Alabama for 5 days now. Mark and I have been working on projects since then. Reorganizing the kitchen, trying to integrate my items into his house, driving me around so I get familiar with the area as well as just getting used to living with each other. So far I think we’re doing pretty well. We’re both very good with asking each other if something is ok before the other one does something. Granted, we’re only 5 days into this whole thing, but hey it’s good we’re starting off on the right foot. He’s always been very considerate and thoughtful and he’s continuing to be. I’m trying to make sure he knows I appreciate it and that he doesn’t feel like I’m trying to take over the house. Though lord knows it desperately needed a woman’s touch. We had an exciting Sunday morning of grocery shopping and now he’s fixing my car as I do laundry and blog. Tomorrow maybe we’ll finally be lazy but with the 900 boxes staring at us, I doubt that will happen. Overall, I’m so happy to be with him.


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