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head’s in a whirl

So I found out some moderately upsetting news about my health via an insurance denial letter on Monday. I’m not sure who I’m more irritated with: the insurance company, my doctor or the specialist I saw, as no one mentioned anything to me.  I feel pretty good for the most part every day, just tired when I do anything overly physical. Can’t run/jog or work out for too long or I get exhausted quickly. Well, I found out this is why. I currently have no insurance and have no way of going to another specialist to get a 2nd opinion and finding out what to do. Up until this point, I just dealt with it, taking care to avoid overheating, not getting too tired, etc. But I’m now just so upset and I mean, I work in the healthcare field and I feel like I have no faith in it anymore.  I really can’t stand insurance companies or doctors right now.


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