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Moving on

So, we’ve got a house, we’ve got each other, what else do Mark and I need, right? Actively looking for a job despite not yet being licensed as a pharm tech in Montana.  That should be taken care of shortly, and then I can apply hooray! We’re now assessing what will and will not make the move out there, Mark’s currently seeing what would be cheaper for us in regards to having the military move us or doing it ourselves.  Need to get myself some better cold weather gear as my down jacket is approximately 20 years old.  Glad to say the road trip went pretty well, Mark and I did not kill each other and finding a house really helped ease a lot of my anxiety. I seriously stick out like a sore thumb there, what with my tunics and leggings and fashionista tendencies and everyone else in their fleece pullovers and cowboy wear. Yeaahh… good times coming up for sure!!


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