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I’ve got some problems I’m self-diagnosing myself with. The first is green-eyed monster syndrome. The second is insecurity. The third is past-reflux syndrome.  As in, I’m tired of the past coming up and making me want to vomit. I’m tired of comparing myself to girls Mark has dated in the past and deciding that maybe I’m not as interesting (or even that my blog isn’t as well-written). Well, then there’s the insecurity flaring up. But then I take a good look at myself.  I AM pretty darn interesting and have done some awesome things in my life. Not just anyone can say they’ve contributed to the lives of thousands of people affected by cancer, diabetes and other illnesses in a positive way. I once was thanked by a double-lung transplant recipient and his family with tears in his eyes for the work me and the rest of the pharmacy staff had done for him. I’m pretty funny, as most of my peeps will tell you. I am very affectionate and try to be considerate and understanding. I never assume that my work in the healthcare field is more important than the work he does.  But I think my most endearing quality is my loyalty. Granted, that makes me sound slightly like a golden retriever, but when you are dating someone who’s had people walk away for reasons incomprehensible, loyalty goes a long way. I don’t cheat, I don’t flirt with other guys and I can honestly say I would give my life for Mark.  I guess I am a keeper, after all…


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  1. So, I can’t help but tell you that if I was standing next to you in person, clearly you’d be suffering a case of “shaken baby syndrome” because of me.
    Oh Lisa. I can’t blame you. You’re in a new world, the only physical person you’re really conversing with and depending upon for physical interaction is Mark. It’s no wonder you’d be afraid to lose that. But here’s the thing… keyword=past. Who cares if his former girlfriend was a Linda Evangelista or whatever. YOU’RE here now. You are a choice. He chose you. Embrace that and keep it warm.

    You are so beautiful in more than a typical way. Honestly, you’re a beautiful looking woman and even if you weren’t a hottie on the outside you’d be a hottie on the inside, so I can’t begin to imagine how awesome it must feel for you to have the best of both worlds in that respect. You serve the public well in a career that is not only important but noble, one that many people don’t have the guts to even try. You chose a man who clearly has a mission, whether it’s to serve his country or a fetish for wearing a uniform, the point is he’s doing something with his life. This means he respects himself, which is the best quality you can find in a person.

    That said, I know it’s all too easy to get sucked in and drown yourself in pity and despair and a million “what if?” questions, but sweetheart, you’re simply wasting your time.

    Now, I told you you’re beautiful, you’re intelligent as hell, witty as shit (and you’re about the only person I know that can match me if not top me!) and all-around flarking awesome. Pick yourself up off the proverbial floor, and start dancing, cus you have a lot to celebrate for!

    ❤ xoxo

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