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Vaguely Vindictive

This post is in response to “another blog” and while it might be childish, I need to vent:

All your  posts about how wonderful he is do not erase the memories of all the lies, nor does it change the fact you two were plotting behind my back. You broke girl code, accepted sloppy seconds, however you want to term it.

Those posts also do not change my happy memories or history as it truly happened instead of the version you receive. I will always remember choosing that house you now sleep in, meeting the family you now claim as yours, being called “Auntie”- not just my name. Driving across country, through near-tornadoes, ice storms and fog banks. Gaining new friends who would take a bullet for me. Discovering new things I never knew I would like. Riding my bike on the trail you run on. Doing housework as I loved to take care of “my man”. Learning new aspects of a profession I have been in for years. Taking Moxie to the dog park. Discovering what is truly important-which isn’t traveling, tweeting, wine or making myself seem interesting. I was instead becoming tougher, stronger, fiercer.

You are correct in your posts, Montana is a wonderful place. It gets in your blood and when you are truly part of the state, as I was and am, you stay there even after you move away. I hope my ghost in that house and state linger with you.

Through all of the pain, I did learn what I do and do not accept from a relationship. Mostly I learned I deserve so much more than lies, cruelty and less than half of his heart.


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